• Best All Natural Deodorant by Rocky Mountain Botanicals
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      *NEW! Now With Soothing Organic Shea Butter*

      Our All Natural Deodorant is aluminum, chemical and fragrance free. Best of all – it works! It doesn’t just mask odours but absorbs and destroys the bacteria that causes body odour. Recommended by Naturopathic Doctors, Rocky Mountain Botanicals All Natural Deodorant works – even in the most serious cases and hottest climates.

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    Best All Natural Deodorant by Rocky Mountain Botanicals

    Best Natural Deodorant that Works!

    *Now With Soothing Organic Shea Butter*

    Who says natural deodorants don’t work?  WE DID! After endlessly (and unsuccessfully) searching for a natural deodorant that hides odour AND lasts all day, we decided to just get the job done and make it ourselves. Rocky Mountain Botanicals Best All Natural Deodorant works!

    We are often told that our 100% natural, All Natural Deodorant works like nothing found on the market today.


    A little is all you need!

    • Chemical Free Deodorant
    • Aluminum Free Deodorant
    • Fragrance Free Deodorant
    • Worry Free Deodorant


    It doesn’t simply mask odours but absorbs and destroys the bacteria that causes body odour. Even in the most serious cases and hottest climates. Recommended by Naturopathic Doctors.

    Directions for use:

    Apply Rocky Mountain Botanicals Best ALL NATURAL DEODORANT to entire underarm area. Keep lid tightly closed to prevent drying. If dryness occurs, moisten with water and recap tightly.

    All Natural Deodorant Ingredients

    Ingredients: Purified water, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), aluminium-free sodium bi-carbonate, organic sunflower oil, organic unrefined shea butter, therapeutic grade pure essential oils, aloe vera, chamomile extract, vitamins A, D & E, OPP (Organic Plant Preservative)

    All Natural Deodorant Reviews

    Read some of the rave reviews and testimonials from customers who use our All Natural Deodorant!

    “The ALL NATURAL DEODORANT is marvelous. The scent is so light and dissipates so quickly that I am unaffected by it. And it works so well. Unbelievably well. It’s like magic. I’ve tried lots of different deodorants from health food stores to drug stores to high end cosmetics and this is the best. It works, it’s scent doesn’t give me a headache and it goes on easily. What a great job you’ve done on this.” – Jill Seldon, Vancouver, Canada

    “I wanted to let you know that the ALL NATURAL DEODORANT that we bought for our son WAS/IS the answer we were looking for! We are very wary about chemicals in deodorant and have tried other companies products in the past but in the end, they simply were not able to hide odour…Your company is awesome! Thank you Rocky Mountain Botanicals! You have really helped my family!” – Kurt Bennet, Texas, USA

    “The Rocky Mountains Botanicals ALL NATURAL DEODORANT is the best natural solution I’ve ever used! Easy to use, healthy for my body, and I never have to worry about body odour. One application lasts all day, even doing physical therapy on patients in a very hot climate. I recommend it to my patients!” – Dr. Jese Anne Wiens, ND, Penticton, Canada

    Read ‘Why a Natural Deodorant?’ and learn which chemicals from typical deodorants may be absorbed by the body.


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